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About OfficePhone

OfficePhone is a full carrier grade phone system, cloud PBX, meeting all your communication needs. Since 2016 , we've made it our mission to help clients like you future proof their business communications through the cloud. At OfficePhone, we believe in going above and beyond in everything we do because we know the more effort and energy we invest, the better the result for our customers and we back this up with our industry first "Concierge setup". 

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Meet the team

Helping you and your business focus on bigger and better things


Farjad Fani

Founder & CEO


Andrew Platt

General Council

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Steven Thong



Jeremy Tan

Director of Engineers


Mira Yardan

Director of Customer Service


Maheen Kamani

Head of Design

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Our company values

We live thru the principle of CANEI: Constant and never ending improvement.

Open communication

Openness with our team. We raise issue and provide solutions promptly.


Our dedication and hard work over anything else.

Empathy over ego

We see the world from our customer's eyes and speak from their views.

Self Improvement

Always learning and evolving into who we want to be and where we want to be.


Our team prides itself in being transparent and genuine. Its what helps is continue to building an exceptional product. 

Customer first

We put our customer's interest at the heart of our decision making.
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Experience the unified communication

Phonespeak is everything your business needs in a single platform

  • The mobility and flexibility let you serve your customers better. Enables you to work virtually from anywhere.
  • You'll see from the start that we care about your business as much as you do. We provide 24/7 customer service.
  • OfficePhone supports desk phones for teammates that require a physical line.
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Runs on high-speed internet

Perfect for smaller and mid-sized businesses

100+ standard features

Customize your phone system to the fullest

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Cloud admin portals

Administrates your phone system from anywhere.

Start your free trial today!

Better communication, better experience, better business.


Can I port my number to you?

Yes. Porting a number is $10 per number. If you have a large order we can do it per project. Once you have signed up you will see the option to port your number. 


Is there a contract or set up fee?

No and no. 


Can I use a deskphone / physical phone?

Yes. You can use your current devices or you can buy new Polycom or Yealink from us.


Why 1 year free?

Our way of getting word of mouth advertising. This allows us to focus on our bigger customers while small businesses are able to save $1000's of dollars in their first year of use. Win-Win


Business text messaging?

Yes. In fact our business text messaging is built with company text messaging in mind. Its powerful for individual users but even more advanced for businesses that receive a large volume of texts. 


Do you have iPhone or Android apps?

Yes and yes.


Can I do advanced routing?

Yes. Our multi-level advanced IVR is boundlessly flexible.


Any fees during free trials?

None unless you are are using things that are causing special charges beyond what a phone system would be. Example: Toll-Free inbound calls or activating physical phones. When you have physical phones by law we have to activate 911 for you which causes 3rd party fees that'll be passed onto you.

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