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100+ features that put you in control

OfficePhone provides voice, messaging, and video across all your devices.

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Meet The OfficePhone Cloud Platform

An advanced PBX phone system in the cloud. Every feature you could ever need is at your fingertips.

Flawless Phone Quality with Advanced Functionality

Crystal clear HD call quality with all the bells and whistles. Call recording, call waiting, voicemail, HD voice quality, and everything else you want and expect from your phone service.

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Intelligent Call Routing

Unlimited calling queues and hunt groups. Intelligent multi-level IVR capability lets you instantly route calls according to your unique business needs.

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Team Features

Manage, collaborate, and communicate all with OfficePhone.


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Admin Portal

Manage everything from a simple admin interface.


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Bring Your Own Phones

Out-of-the-box support for Yealink and Polycom phones, plus custom support for other brands.


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VoIP Call Features

Everything you need, from essentials like HD voice quality and call waiting to advanced features like call recording, voicemail transcription, and more.

Call recording

Record inbound and outbound calls. Listen to past call recordings at any time to ensure compliance with quality standards.

Call waiting

Call waiting functionality gives teammates the ability to receive calls while they are currently on another call.

Group call

Three-way calling feature let you add a third party to your business calls.

Caller ID

Caller ID gives your teammates the flexibility to select the line they wish to call from. A main line, a specific team, or their own personal extension.


OfficePhone provides every user with voicemail technology.

Voicemail transcript

Transcribe voicemail messages automatically and immediately.

HD voice quality

No static here. Enjoy High Definition voice calls without interruption. 

Call status

Let teammates know when a you're available, away, or busy with a simple status indicator.

Global address book

Global address book contains the name and phone number of every employee using PhoneSpeak in your company, so you can easily look them up and send them a message or call them.


Call routing

PhoneSpeak offers full call-routing functionality, including call queues, hunt groups, and full IVR capabilities. 

Call queue

Enhance your call queue waiting experience with features such as queue wait time estimates, custom music and personal messages.

Hunt group

Ring multiple agents at once to ensure that calls are distributed in the manner that best suits your business needs.

Multi-level IVR

Easily configure your multi-level Interactive Voice Repsponse to ensure that each caller is directed to the right team or teammate.

Custom hold music

Upload your own music on hold or use one of ours.

Business hours

Receive calls when you want and how you want with custom business hours. Even set unique business hours for each of your phone numbers.


Team features

Communicate, collaborate, and monitor performance of  your teams and make your business more efficient.

Instant messaging

Communicate with your team through the built-in instant messenger.

SMS functionality

Send and receive unlimited text messages. Communicate with your customers via text to improve their customer experience.

Team summary

Monitor the performance of your team so you can make intelligent business decisions based on comprehensive data.

Team collaboration

Promote collaboration within your team with one-click dialing to PhoneSpeak users on the same company account.


Customization for your business

From the admin portal, everything you need to manage your phones and phone system features in one simple and intuitive control center.

Port numbers

OfficePhone allows you to port your existing numbers for $10 per number.

Call handling

Call handling gives immense flexibility to forward calls wherever you want, whenever you want.

Toll-free or local number

Make yourself memorable and easy to reach with a toll-free phone number that customers can call from anywhere.

Manage numbers

Manage and assign multiple numbers in just a few clicks.

Manage teams

Add, manage, or delete teams. No waiting for a phone service representative to get around to your request.

Manage teammates

Add, manage, or delete your teammates as your business grows.


Use a desk phone 

OfficePhone sells and provides support for desk phones in addition to integrated soft phones.

Buy phones

OfficePhone sells and provides support for desk phones for businesses that require a physical phone.

Manage phones

Manage your desk phones with a click. Reassign phones, numbers, or teams to fit your needs.



Free for small businesses

Start making calls in minutes. Instant activation. No waiting.

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Port your existing number, choose a local number, or secure a toll-free number.