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Can I port my number to you?

Yes. Porting a number is $10 per number. If you have a large order we can do it per project. Once you have signed up you will see the option to port your number. 


Is there a contract or set up fee?

No and no. 


Can I use a deskphone / physical phone?

Yes. You can use your current devices or you can buy new Polycom or Yealink from us.


Why 1 year free?

Our way of getting word of mouth advertising. This allows us to focus on our bigger customers while small businesses are able to save $1000's of dollars in their first year of use. Win-Win


Business text messaging?

Yes. In fact our business text messaging is built with company text messaging in mind. Its powerful for individual users but even more advanced for businesses that receive a large volume of texts. 


Do you have iPhone or Android apps?

Yes and yes.


Can I do advanced routing?

Yes. Our multi-level advanced IVR is boundlessly flexible.


Any fees during free trials?

None unless you are are using things that are causing special charges beyond what a phone system would be. Example: Toll-Free inbound calls or activating physical phones. When you have physical phones by law we have to activate 911 for you which causes 3rd party fees that'll be passed onto you.

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